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The Students’ National Chemical Engineering Conference, more popularly known as SNCEC, is the flagship event of UP KEM. This event aims to bring the developments and trends in Chemical Engineering directly to the chemical engineering students. Now on its 8th year, SNCEC has grown into an academic and research-oriented project which aims to bring these trends and developments in Chemical Engineering directly to the country’s future Chemical Engineers nationwide.


The Students’ National Chemical Engineering Congress (SNCEC) started in 2010. Back then, it was still referred to as the National Chemical Engineering Congress (NCEC) with two sub-events – the first National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACHES) and the 33rd Inter-University Chemical Engineering Quiz Show (Inter-U). With an overall theme of energy and environmental solutions, the NCEC brought together 300 Chemical Engineering undergraduates and professionals from all over greater Luzon.


After its success in 2010, it was held once again in 2011 and renamed as SNCEC. SNCEC 2011 had the same two sub-events as its line-up – NACHES and 34th Inter-U – with an overall theme centering on the importance of Engineering in Biotechnology. It was this year that the SNCEC had become a nationwide event, gathering 500 participants, both Chemical Engineering undergraduates and professionals, encompassing Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


SNCEC 2012 centered on a growing trend in the field of engineering – food. In addition to integrating the world of engineering and the food industry, an innovation in NACHES was made. Instead of an all-day seminar centering on food engineering, afternoon workshops were introduced. It was also in this year that a new sub-event was introduced in the SNCEC 2012 – the Students’ Chemical Engineering Networking Event (SCENE). The first ever SCENE was attended by 100 participants and multiple representatives from the industry and academe. SNCEC 2012 was awarded Best Academic/Research Development Project by PIChE – JCL.


The sNCEC reached its peak number of participants in 2013. During this SNCEC, 600 participants nationwide came together and celebrated the importance of catalysis in the field of engineering and local industries. The NACHES held this year was further improved with the introduction of five parallel sessions, each with its own sub-topic related to catalysis. The SNCEC Research Grant (ReGrant) and Colloquium was installed as a new sub-event during that year. Once again, SNCEC 2013 was awarded Best Academic/Research Development Project by PIChE – JCL.


In 2014, the SNCEC tackled the field of energy as well as the state of the energy sector here in the Philippines. It was during this SNCEC that another new sub-event made its debut – Chemical Engineering Campus Challenge Series (ChaSe) – an event patterned after the reality show, Amazing Race. Just like the year before it, SNCEC 2014 was again awarded Best Academic/Research Development Project by PIChE – JCL.


Last year’s SNCEC tackled the growing interest of Chemical Engineering students in the world of Biotechnology. Though this theme is reminiscent of the NACHES theme in 2010, this year’s approach to Biotechnology is more specific, subdivided into four industries wherein the interrelationship of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering is most prevalent – Industry, Healthcare, Agriculture, and Environment. For the fourth straight year, it was awarded the Best Academic/Research Development Project by PIChE – JCL.